LANMessage Pro v4.00
An instant messenger for local networks

A powerful tool for communicating with other people on your office/home network

Easily Send, Receive, Reply and Forward messages
Work in Silent Mode
Create Private List of users on the LAN
Create and Manage Groups of users
Create a predefined "Quick Answers" messages
Create Signature and/or Header for all messages
And much more...

LANMessage Pro is a very simple yet powerful tool for communicating with other people on your network. It provides a means of communication that is faster than e-mail and is easier than yelling down the hallway. On all networks traffic is a concern, but LANMessage Pro has that taken care of. LANMessage Pro uses the built in messenger service called net send. Net send does not require you to connect to a server like most instant messaging programs, so you free up valuable network bandwidth.
By default LANMessage Pro is place Icon in the system tray, as shown in the image, but you can choose to remove it from there. (See Options screen) [Screenshot]

On right mouse button click LANMessage's context menu will appear, as shown in the image. From this menu you can choose one of six options:
  • Restore option will open LANMessage
  • About LANMessage... option will display the About dialog
  • Send Feedback... lets you send us your feedback with any questions or comments
  • Visit the DimaWare WebSite... option will open your Web browser on LANMessage's site
  • Silent Mode Turns On/Off the silent mode of LANMessage Pro.
  • Exit option will close the LANMessage.

When a Silent Mode is turned on the icon of LANMessage Pro is cenged and all received messages appeare as shown on the image. You can ignore the message and read it from the LOG later, or click on the text to see the text message. [Screenshot]

When a new message is arrived this screen is shown. Here you can Reply or Forward the message, add the sender to Private List by clicking on the Add to Private List button or to Ignore List by clicking on the Add to Ignore List button. [Screenshot]

This is the main screen of LANMessage. In this screen you can see the Standard List or the Private List, (by your choice). Standard List shows all NT machines in current LAN and current Domain. Private List shows only Names you choose (Private List must be created by you. To create/edit Private List click Edit Private List button).
In order to send message you must choose one or more name(s) or group(s) from the list, to type your message and then to click on the Send button. (In addition you can send a message using hot-keys Alt+S or Ctrl+Enter on your keyboard). LANMessage is allow to send message to more that one person. Multiple select is available by holding CTRL key on keyboard and clicking on the wanted list item.
For successfully sending message to the Windows 95/98 based computers the "WinPopUp.exe" program of Windows must be running in the target computer. More information about "WinPopUp.exe" program you can find in the Windows's help.

In "Edit Private List" screen we can see combo box with all available domains on the LAN and all NT machines in each domain in the Standard List (on the left). You can switch between the domains and add the names you want to the Private List by selecting one or more items from the Standard List and clicking on the "Copy" button. Usually, the machine names on the LAN not so clear and understandable. In order to make these names more readable you can rename each item in the Private List by selecting the item and then clicking "F2" key on your keyboard (like in windows explorer) and just type the alias you want, or right click on the item you want to change and select the Edit option from the menu that will pop up. This option will open the Add/Edit users dialog (shown below).
There is an option of manual adding names to the Private List by clicking on the Manually Add User button. As well you can create/edit groups of users by clicking on the Manage Groups button (shown below). After creating your Private List you can export it to file. If, from any reason your Private List is lost - you can always import it from file, you've created before. Import and Export buttons are located on the right top area of this screen.
In order to remove item(s) from Private List you can select all items you want to remove and then click the "Delete" button on the keyboard. In order to remove Group(s) from Private List, use Manage Groups option.

In order to manually add User names to your Private List or to some group, click the Manually Add User button, then just type the UserName or ComputerName or IP Address and click the OK button. [Screenshot]

When you'll click on the "Options" button on the main screen the options window will appear. [Screenshot]

General Tab:

Stay on Top option will make the LANMessage's window stay in front of all other windows.

Minimize after sending option will give rise to LANMessage minimize automatically after sending the message.

Hide when Minimized option will give rise to LANMessage to not be shown in the task bar. (this option can be available if the "Enable TaskBar icon" option is selected).

Show icon on the tray option will show/remove the LANMessage's icon in the system tray.

View in Context menu option will add LANMessage to the Windows's context menu (right click on the Start button).

Run at StartUp option will give rise to LANMessage Pro to run with your logon to the Windows.

Create/Edit Private List Click the button to open the Edit Private List screen.

Show in network entries Select which computers will be shown in the Standard List.

Customize Tab:

Quick Answers Here is a list of the predefined answers, you can add as well as edit as well as delete.

Ignore List This list contain the conputers's names, that you don't want to see the messages from.
Header/Signature Tab:

In this screen you can configure Header and/or Signature for yours messages. You can use these options if yours machine has a not readable or not clear name.
Misc Tab:

Play Sound This options allows to you set the sound file that will play on a message received.

Interface Colors This option allows to set the Font and/or Backgroung colors. These colors are relevant to your client.
LOG Tab:

Don't collect sent messages If this option is checked, sent messages will be not saved to the LOG.

Don't collect received messages If this option is checked, received messages will be not saved to the LOG.

Show the LOG sorted in order Here you can decide in which order you prefer to read the LOG, the Newest items first or the Oldest items first.

Save LOG on Exit Check this option if you wish that the sent and received messeges's LOG will be saved to the file.

LOG screen displys the sent and received messages with these content and date/time of sending. The "Clear LOG" button will clear the LOG. [Screenshot]

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